For Mothers and Fathers to Be


Above as below!

Do you agree that nothing in the world is disconnected? That we are, as microcosmos, also under the same rules of the great cosmos? 

You probably do, but as myself, also need to keep on being reminded that we are not in control of natural processes. 

You and I don’t control our heartbeat as all the millions of functions that are being operated right now and every second that allow us to be here, alive and kicking – actually, is our Central Nervous System (CNS), which controls all functions of our body.


Of course, we can influence these natural processes! And this is the turning point! 


Every time we allow a change of perspective we open to other possibilities and we stop being mere perpetuators of what we once learned. 


Life is in constant evolution and that’s what is also great about science

Science is constantly updating itself in response to new data

The problem is that facts are being updated, but the majority of professionals working with this period of life from conception to postpartum, are not reformulating their approach and assistance following the facts. As much as it makes no sense, their rules are already obsolete, and they are influencing not just the way babies are being born but their well-being.


So the question Is not about how can I control what is not under my control, but how can I allow the miracle to unfold without prejudice the natural development of the process, and, as we are gonna see ahead, without also harming both women and babies’ health and well-being.


For Mothers and Fathers to Be

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“what do I want for me and my baby to experience in this entrance into the world?”

It seems to be a quite simple question, but try to answer it with your heart instead of your mind.

Do you want your birth to be as smooth as possible and surrounded by warmth and love?

Or It doesn’t matter to you and your concern is just about having a healthy baby? 

And what does it mean to you to have a healthy baby?

Is your concept of health related to the absence of disease or do you see it as a concept that goes beyond the absence of disease?


mother little daughter connection



A bit about Health and well-being

For Michel Odent, a famous French obstetrician and childbirth specialist, the founder of the Primal Health Research Centre, and the creator of the Primal Health Research database, the word HEALTH means the way our Primal Adaptive System works as a whole.




Whenever there’s an emotion, there’s a response by the primal adaptive system, so there’s a response in the brain, in the hormonal system, and in the immune system, all in union.


It is during fetal life and infancy that the different parts of the system develop

and it’s just at the end of infancy the primal adaptive system has reached maturity.





That means that babies can’t auto-regulate. 

They co-regulate in contact with their mothers. 

They will adapt to the circumstances of course, but this adaptation has consequences that influence their health and well-being. 


happy mother and baby girl


We must understand that ongoing stress (babies stress every time they feel their needs are not being met), has consequences for their immune system, so, in their overall health, which includes brain development.

This shows why being a mother is so challenging and is also why we mention the MOTHER-BABY DYAD when we refer to the mother and the baby because they are a dyad, their systems are interconnected and they “work” as one.



Primal health is built at that time when the baby is closely dependent on its mother –

– First in the womb, then during childbirth, and the period of breastfeeding



So the 2nd question we should all have in our minds is how is the physiology of a newborn, a baby, and a child different from the one of an adult and how can I as a parent or professional facilitate their adaptation to the earth side

We will only be facilitators when we are aware of, and respect their physiology, otherwise, we are just following what somebody said or did.

It is our role as citizens, professionals, and parents to reflect and go deeper than what we have once learned. We can’t keep on taking everything for granted. We must keep questioning what once was the truth.

The world is in constant evolution and so are and should we.

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