Breath, Massage and Yoga at Pregnancy & Postpartum

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I know it’s very challenging, especially for women that are already mothers, to find the time to pay attention to themselves and listen to what’s going on inside. 

Sometimes it’s not just because we have hundreds of requests during the day, but also because we get used to living on a hallucination and it’s difficult to get off the wheel because our bodies and minds have adapted to the turbulence to such an extent that stopping and dedicating time to ourselves seems a bit selfish or like people with nothing to do.

My biggest challenge in the early years of practicing yoga wasn’t getting into or staying in the postures, no matter how demanding they were for my condition at the time.

It was, and sometimes still is, to STOP and be quiet for 15-20 minutes to relax or meditate. Even today, I see how I can find reasons to “escape” those minutes when my mind is racing.


My doula support sessions use Yoga asanas, Pranayama (breathing techniques),  Massage, and music to calm the whirlwind and provide a moment of deep relaxation.


Thai Yoga Massage facilitates the process of deep relaxation and opens up space to get in touch with what is most genuine in you.

  • When the mind relaxes and the body enters a deep state of relaxation, the body gains the necessary conditions to regain its balance. 


  • It is when you allow yourself to look inward that you can gradually not only get a better understanding of your inner world (which changes every day) but also put your life into perspective. 


Yoga asanas help to strengthen the body, especially the spine, broaden the pelvis, and prepare the mind for Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) that will soothe your heart and soul.



One of the best benefits of these practices will be

putting you into deep contact with your baby

which strengthens the bond between both of you,

whether you are pregnant or postpartum


Practices that besides being good for you and your baby, also offer you the state of being so you can look at your life, realign priorities, and make the adjustments you feel are necessary and possible

It sounds simple to put into practice, but most of us don’t do it, even though it’s essential for our well-being.


  • I’ve got used to doing it in the morning because I’ve always woken up earlier than everyone else and I love the silence of the early morning, but doing it at night when the children are already in bed is an alternative that may work better for those who still have young children.


  • I very recently shared a Free Relaxation Audio that had the same purpose of helping you to stop and relax so that you can be more available to listen to at the end of the day.If you feel you need some time and space to rebalance, don’t hesitate and come and try a Thai Yoga Massage or a Yoga Class.


Pregnant and postpartum women are generally more in tune with their bodies and know that mental hygiene is just as important as oral hygiene.

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