Photography & Film

Maternity, labor, Birth, Newborn & family

I document your story at any period of your life,

so you can collect beautiful images of all your stages and phases.

Maternity Session

Would you like to feel beautiful and radiant, inside and out?

Besides creating memories, in this maternity photo session you will also transform your relationship with you and your body. With so many changes happening during pregnancy it´s common to feel uncomfortable with our own body.

This is a great opportunity for healing and acceptance as you will rediscover your sensuality and love your body as it is.

Time to reconnect, relax and have fun!
Your friends will envy you!

Birth Photo & Film

No clicks disturbing you!
My camera works in a totally silente mode!

Since 2019 I offer the possibility of just photographing your baby’s birth or photographing and filming at the same time.

Birth photography and film are empowering tools, not just for you but also for other women, and they are a precious gift to treasure and to pass down to your children as they grow older.

Maybe you are thinking how is it possible to share such an intimate space with a person you don’t really now , right?

So, Grab Your Offer! 

Your Golden Hours

Not sure you want your birth documented?
Going to a hospital that doesnt allow a 3rd person in the room

What about having photographs and video of those raw and tender moments with your baby immediately after birth or even at yours first 48 hours after birth?

This session takes place where you choose to birth – home or hospital, your return home, or when you feel more settled in.

It will always document the love and tenderness of meeting and welcoming your baby in the family. The result will be natural, real and honest images that allow you to travel back in time whenever you want.

Skin to Skin - your first year together

So many moments of mothering go unwitnessed
Let´s make your love visible for generations to come

This is truly a session that showcases all the love, chaos, and intimacy of motherhood at any ordinary day, and it includes all that happens during your day including breastfeeding (if that´s the case).

Lets Celebrate Your First month with your baby,  and make an album with you together at 3, 6,9 and 12 Months

With 7 years as a pre-school teacher and 10 years photographing babies and children I know how to photograph you and your little one at all ages and stages.

With these sessions you will be creating and celebrating:

  • The intimate relationship between YOU and your baby
  • Your little one´s achievements and changing personality
  • Lifelong memories of his/hers first few months and year earth side.

Doula, Photography and Video in Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra, Lisbon, Amadora, Loures, Odivelas, Almada, Palmela

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