Motherhood and the Earth version of the Womb

Breastfeeding newborn in Lisbon

Birth ends a cycle and opens a new one.

When a baby is born, so is a mother who needs

just as much care and support as her newborn baby

We are slowly realizing the relevance of the first 40 days after a baby is born.

These first forty days of postpartum is a time in which you should not worry about a damn thing so you can be free and available to get to know your newborn baby and be able to respond to his/her needs while you are also recovering from the magnitude of the transformations YOU went, or will go, through.

Expect that this new role of getting to know a new human being and understanding how to fulfill his/her needs might be overwhelming and frustrating sometimes, but also immensely beautiful.


If trusting your instincts is something weird for you, know that’s a good topic to invest your time during pregnancy, because you will need it. 

We are so used to looking for answers outside of us, on the internet, between friends or family that we forget that each human being is unique and so are newborns and their adaptation to earth’s side. So, what worked with someone and their newborn, might not work for both of you.

Unfortunately for new mothers, newborn’s patterns and behaviors can change almost every day and several times a day in these first few months while adapting to a completely new world, and just that can be exhausting.


Postpartum is  a time of recovery, integration, and (re)balancing while entering a new stage of life

The responses of the Nervous System, the Immune system, and the Hormonal System should never be disassociated. They form a whole. Whenever emotions are felt, there is a response in the brain, so in your hormonal system and the immune system – they operate all in unison as an orchestra. This is valid and it is of major relevance to the newborn adaptation to our world as it is to new mothers or any other person that is in the process of recovery.


Newborn sleeping


It’s important to keep in mind that your body just had the challenge of creating a baby and birthing him/her. You have used huge amounts of energy during pregnancy, not to speak about birth in which besides the intensity of the event, you probably lost blood and may have sustained wounds or tears.

All together makes it a challenge!

It’s so relevant that everyone closer and intimate to you supports you with simple things that can have a positive influence on your overall well-being.



It’s so much going on, as he just entered into a completely new world. Take this image as if you went to your bed one night and woke up on the moon! That’s how challenging it is for newborns – The light, the temperature, the sounds, the feeling in the skin, all the smells, food, breathing…

While adapting to a world full of new stimuli, it is through physical contact with the mother and father that they manage to recover the references they had from living in the womb.

Babies’ natural HABITAT is in contact with their mothers (and father) because it is through the 5 SENSES (touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste) that babies REGULATE their entire physiological system.


Keep in mind that you are a dyad!

Being a Dyad means that everything that improves your overall state of well-being will have a positive impact on your baby, which will return to you again – that’s the cycle.

Some Eastern cultures and Ayurveda make a big investment to help and support new mums to stay balanced in the first 6 weeks after birth because they have understood for centuries that they need to give time for the body to heal and the mind to settle into the “NEW” that is being the earth’s version of the womb 24/7 days per week.

For these Eastern cultures is a ritual because is part of their culture, for Westerns is a luxury or a sign of weakness.



But because we are a dyad, does it need to be just me taking care of my baby?

No, it doesn’t, and of course, the father is also included or even a postpartum doula or a nanny, but being a dyad means that you and your baby co-regulate each other and you will want to be with your baby most of the time for the regulation of your nervous system also, besides that breastfeeding makes it also to be as so.

Being with your baby 24/7 is also part of offering continuity and developing the bond that was created during pregnancy and you’re gonna love it because that intimate relationship releases feeling-good hormones as oxytocin,  on both of you.

New motherhood can be a roller coaster, don’t underestimate it! Investing in those first 6 weeks is assuring your and your baby´s overall health and well-being in the short and long term.

Soon I will write a blog text exploring the recommendations for the postpartum period.

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