Empower Yourself for a Smooth Transition
into parenthood in Portugal

Are you an expat navigating pregnancy far from home?

You are going to love this course if you want:

Guidelines to navigate our Portuguese Birth System

Support in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

Go beyond the physiology of pregnancy, birth and postpartum

To Connect with your inner power

Gain confidence in yourself and your birth partner

Build a supportive network of fellow ex-pat parents-to-be

Reflect about your role as a mother and a father to be and make your own
conscious choice

What you will receive in this curse is an embodied knowledge about your true nature, physiology, and ability to birth and take care of your baby, so you and your partner can open and experience an empowered birth and postpartum period.

Besides the information that will allow you to take decisions confidently, you will learn and experience the power of some techniques as breath, visualization, touch and massage and how they can can create a positive mindset and lead to a deep relaxation and liberation of Oxytocin – the key of every empowered birth story you have ever heard about.


“We want to thank you so much for your care and affection! Your presence and support throughout the process made all the difference. We went from a space of uncertainty and doubt to feeling confident to decide and trust our decisions in this transition to parenthood. The postpartum massage was the icing on the cake.”

Luise Dulies

“Embracing a beautiful birth was possible by nurturing my inner connection, gaining evidence-based knowledge, and understanding the profound physiology of labor – a transformative journey I’ll forever cherish.”

Keit Karemäe

“We had a beautiful connection with Susana from the first day we met her and the sessions we had together before the birth helped us to put into perspective what we really wanted not only for ourselves, but also what we wanted to offer our son in terms of experience in and after birth. And the bonus of having beautiful photos of this incredible and intense journey of being a mother is just priceless! We are
eternally grateful to you.”

Ana Santos

EXPAT Birth Preparation Course

When & Where


28 Octubre

4, 18, 25 November

9, 16 December

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  • How the physiology Of pregnancy, Birth and postpartum helps you build health and well-being.
  • Comprehensive prenatal health check-ups.
  • Exercices for Body and Mind that will support you for Birth.
  • Stages of labor and emotional signs for your partner.
  • Vaginal Birth and Cesarian – When and why.
  • Non pharmaceutical pain control methods and Epidural.
  • Most common Obstetric procedures – Porpuses, disadvantages and alternatives.
  • How to create your own Birth Plan.
  • How to rebuild your strength and restore your vitality after Birth.
  • Food and Massage as medicine for all stages of motherhood.
  • How to balance your emotions – The power of community, food and touch.
  • How you and your newborn baby can thrive in love and confidence in postpartum – based on physiologic baby care principles.

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About me

I am a Portuguese-certified doula located in Lisbon, and a childbirth, motherhood, and family photographer and videographer all wrapped in one.

After several years attending birth, I developed a doula supporting program based on the body-mind system relationship that is also inspired on the knowledge acquired while studying Yoga, mindfulness, Thai Yoga Massage, and Nutrition. A program developed to put the oxitocyn factor as the main tool for every women experience an empowering birth and gently welcome their baby earthside.

Being a doula, a birth photographer and videographer it’s how I choose to inspire and empower families and women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and support them in their individual choices.

International certified birth and postpartum doula

Member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

Guidance to transcend the mind´s illusions towards the power of true self discovery

A heart-centered teaching about baby´s blue print 

Our lives are largely a reflection of our choices and priorities.

Practice and consistency bring mastery to our lifes




It s about reclaiming and connecting to your full potential as woman, to be able to differentiate dogmas from reality and make your own conscious choices


Information is power. Get your free e-book about Birthing at Home

Information is power. Get your free e-book about Portuguese Birth System