Doula Support

The doula support program to lay down your fears and anxieties

Connect to your strength and inner power during pregnancy and Birth


As a doula, I provide emotional support and information based on scientific evidence related to the physiology of pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum so that you and your partner can clarify your questions and have a peaceful experience in parenthood.


One of the topics that I consider essential to address during our journey together is  PHYSIOLOGIC BABY CARE and the optimal conditions for NEWBORN ADAPTATION, as well as yours as a new mother, so you can go as smoothly as possible through this new chapter of your life.

MASSAGE, BREATHING TECHNIQUES and YOGA Asanas will be some of the tools I can explore with you during our doula support sessions, as it has been showing so many benefits during pregnancy and postpartum: 

  • Softens and reliefs tensions in a pregnant body;
  • Helps you to connect with your inner wisdom;
  • Increases mobility during pregnancy;
  • Strengthens the spine and broadens the pelvis;
  • Improves blood circulation for the mother, offering more Oxygen for the baby;
  • Boosts mother and baby´s immune system;
  • Improves physical condition during pregnancy by stretching and toning your muscles;
  • Balances your body energetically
  • Induces a calm mental state during pregnancy which will help during birth.
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Doula & Photographer Susana Pereira


  • The physiology of pregnancy, birth, postpartum
  • Exercises for Body & Mind that will support you for birth
  • Stages of labor and emotional signs
  • Vaginal birth and cesarean
  • Non-pharmaceutical Pain control methods and epidural
  • Most common obstetric procedures – porpuses, disadvantages, and possible alternatives
  • Support to Create and design your Personal Birth Plan
  • How to rebuild your strength and restore your vitality after birth
  • Food as a medicine for pregnancy and postpartum
  • How to balance your emotions
  • How you and your newborn can thrive in love and confidence

Portuguese Doula & Birth photographer available for Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra, Lisbon, Amadora, Loures, Odivelas, Almada, Palmela

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